Friday, 29 February 2008

Obi Tube

Obi in Japanese means sash ;-)
Yes, this tube comes with a versatile sash.
You can tie with a bow at the front or
remove the sash totally or even

you can hide the bow at the back.

Oh, it comes with a zipper at the back that gives you more fitting.
We wish to flaunt our waistline, isn't it?
Comes in brown(sold out), white(sold out), black(sold out)
Fits S to M
UK6 to UK8


Available in last piece of brown
Sales price: RM25

Gracia Halter

This piece of halter is something extraordinary.
Its a shimmery smocked top (which could be worn as a short dress too!) that
comes with the detailed embroidery in front of the bust.

Available in four colours:
Black(sold out), White(sold out), Beige(sold out), Grey(sold out)

Fits XS to L.
(the material is highly stretchable!)
UK4 to UK10


Sales price: RM20

Pinafore Vest

Announcement: Good news ladies! There would be a chance to replenish this, but it will take some time (for buyers that are willing to wait) Pls email us to take you orders. First come first served basis. Thanks
Pls note the size you want( S or M) and White or Black.
Yes we have white!

Yup! Its a vest but with a pinafore style!
Whee~~Now we can change our attire look with just a vest over
instead of wearing a pinafore dress!
It enhances your bust which works like a bustier.
Fits XS to Small Medium
UK4 to UK8


Buttony Dress


Those buttons are just so cute to die for!

The material is soft and light which is so suitable for our country's weather!

Available in black (sold out),green (sold out)
Fits XS to M
UK4 to UK8


Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Chifon Sequin

Our First Blast!
Hey babes! We are giving 10% discount for all items
here in this post in conjunction of our first opening!
Mail us at
Hurry up before its all sold!
*from 25th feb'08 till 5th of march'08
All price show are before discount =)

This piece is absolutely wonderful. Why?
Because it is a 2-piece-wear.
Which means, you can wear the inner piece on its on!
Comes with adjustable strap.
Fits XS to Medium.
UK4 to UK10
RM 33

Sales price: RM25

Choker Tube

A tube that could be worn for formal meeting with a blazer, or
for the dinner date!
Comes in two color: Black and Brown.
Yes! Its smocked back! which means more stretchable!
You know what, the lace choker is included!
Fits S to small L.
UK6 to UK10
*pssst, remember its inclusive of the choker!

Black (SOLD OUT)
Brown (SOLD OUT)

Sales price: RM25

Garden Tube

A tube top which could also be worn as a skirt.
Wonderful flower prints with a lil' bit touch of golden glitters.
Attached with a lining piece inside.

Fits XS to L.
UK 4 to UK12
Highly stretchable.
RM 28
*belt is excluded


(sold out)
The best top to flaunt your most desired neckline!
With adjustable ribbon at the back,
you could decide on how low you wanna go!
Oh, did I mention that the sleeves are puffy and highly stretchable?
Wanna hides your flabby arms away?
It comes with ribbon as at the side as well!
Fits Medium to small Large.
UK6 to 12.


Its Bambi!
Who doesn't like our cute bambi when we were small?
This cute tee comes with lace which makes
it extraordinary from normal tees.

Fits XS to M.
UK4 to UK8.
RM 24

Golden Elegant

(sold out)
A soft touch of faux satin adds a feminine side of you.
The golden color is such a elegant color, just pair it with a black skirt,
and you are ready for the dinner.
A zip at the side gives you more fitting.
Fits XS to S.
UK4 to UK6
RM 27

Sexy Deep V Dress

(sold out)

We think this dress says it all.
Black and white is such a classic color,
suitable for any occassion.
Need we say more?
A sash at the back allows more body hugging.
Fits S to M.
UK 6 to UK8
*tube is not included*

Sequin Dress


You can wear it as a dress or pair it with legging. Whats more, you could just wear it on its own to flaunt your sexy legs! Sequins at the bottom adds attention on you!

Comes in grey as well!

Colors available: Purple(Sold Out), Grey (Sold Out)
Fits XS to M.
UK 4 to UK10.
*does not comes with belt*


Who says we could only wear red during CNY?
Eventhough CNY has just over, its still not late to wear red!
It is such a good colour to brighten yourself!
The mandarin collar and puffy sleeves are just so unique!
Its a button up shirt, which means we could wear it as a outer layer, yay!
Fits S to Small L.
UK6 to 10.
RM 30
*belt and inner piece are excluded

Halter Peacock Eye

A very comfy material we have got here!
A perfect halter with peacock-eyes-alike!

Three colors available: Brown with Green, Light Green with Black , Light Blue with Black.
We are throwing in the black tube FOC!
Fits XS to M.
UK4 to UK8