Saturday, 29 March 2008

Sweet Like Candy

The tittle explains it all. It is just as sweet as candies! The colorful prints on this tube top is adorable!
Mary Quant is a fashion designer famed for miniskirts and hot pants!
We have to thank her for that ;)
Apart from that, this piece is longer yet figure hugging
as compared to other tube tops.
Who doesn't wanna look younger with this?
Pick your favorite candy! =D

Colors:Yellow(sold out), Grey(sold out), Pink, Blue

Fits XS to M
UK4 - UK 10

Sales price: RM 20

Knitted Vest

It seems that almost everyone has got the same vest.
It makes us feel down when we spotted someone who wears the same pieces out there.
Because we know how you feel, we grabbed this item up immediately.
This vest is just so special.
just like our hot selling pinafore vest ;)
How often do you get vest that is adjustable on the halter and also the back?
Well, this is the one!
The wool is in good quality, does not give you itches and all.
A quick advice: You could also pair this vest up with your bikini!
Because the entire vest is adjustable, and also stretchable wool,
it means it fits almost all sizes!

Colors: Coral Pink(sold out), Greensold out), Black(sold out), Brown(sold out), Grey(sold out), White(sold out)
Fits XS to L
UK4 - UK12

RM35 (comes with the white baby tee!)

Available in White, Brown


Opaque Tights


Yes, we have restocked them in Black & Grey!
Now in 120 deniers!
(thickness is about the same as 80 deniers, but better elasticity)

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Cropped Hoodie

It has been raining almost every day, make us feel gloomy and all.
We tend to dress up in dark and low hue colors. So, we have decided....
Our theme of the week: COLORS!!!!

Girls love hoodies!
But we do not like huge hoodies jacket that tripled our body size.
Shivering in the cinema? or can't stand the air-cond blast in the mall?
Cropped hoodies fits into our bags nicely!Whats more it comes with a racerback! =D
Fits XS to small M
UK4 to UK8
Colors: Red (sold out), Black(sold out), White(sold out)
*restockable, email us!*
RM35(spaghetti racerback is included!)

Cropped Cardigans

Girls get bored easily with their wardrobe,
they are never enough with clothes, clothes and more clothes.
Sometimes we tend to purchase so many basic tops,
that is so similar to each other.
This cropped cardigan sparks up your basic tops easily.The colors on the elastic band matches the cardi nicely,
adds a little attention onto your plain tops.Comes with inner spaghetti straps too!
Fits XS to S
UK4 to UK6
Colors:Yellow(sold out), White(sold out), Green(sold out), Black(sold out), Purple(sold out)

RM29(comes with spaghetti strap!)

Colored Princess

(sold out)
Puffy sleeves and cowlneck is what we have here.
Great for layering!
Just pull a spaghetti straps over, and you'll have a different look! ;-)
Even a vest, halter, tube top goes along with this!
The tee gives you a casual yet sophisticated look
Feeling a little cold during rainy seasons?
Show a higher turtle neck by just rolling the collar upwardsIts made with good quality cotton and we assure you perfect comfort,
as if you are wearing baby tee and yet keeps you in warm because its thicker than baby tee!

Similar as seen in Forever 21 =)

Fits S to M
UK6 to UK10

Colors: White, Coral, Black(sold out), Teal, Champagne, Purple

Opaque Tights

(sold out)

we feel the cold out there and yet
we wanna wear that mini-skirts or shorts.
This is gonna be our best friend during rainy season.

Opaque tights do such a wonder,
not only keeping you in warm,
they hides your flaws on you legs perfectly because they are so thick! *grin*

We have experienced it before, bruises on the knee, mosquito bites or even forgot to wax etc.
Make us a lil low self confidence when we feel like wearing the skirt or short.
Tights come in handy!
We found this tights are thick enough yet very comfortable!
Trust us!

Colors: Black (sold out), Blue, Brown(sold out)
Email us and we will try our best to restock! =)

80 deniers (This is thicker than the 120 deniers that we spotted!)
Fits XS to small M (approx 150cm~165cm)
UK4 to UK 8

(we think this is just so worth~!!)

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Pinafore Vest (restocked)

Pinafore Vest

Yup! The vest has arrived early unexpectedly =D
For buyers that have made order previously, we have sent you a mail,
kindly reply asap to confirm your purchase.

Act fast to avoid dissapointment!

Colors available: Black (all sold out) , White (left last piece for S) Sold out
Sizes available: S & M
(M size is sold out for both black and white)


Saturday, 8 March 2008

Pinafore Fever

Yup, its another pinafore top here.
Its so sweet and adorable right?
It comes with a baby tee.
And an adjustable strap at the side provides you more fitting.

Colours available: coral pink (sold out), blue teal(sold out), white(sold out),
dark brown(sold out), light brown(sold out), aqua(sold out), black(sold out).

The pinafore fits XS to small M
(UK4 to UK8)
Baby tee would fit XS to S
(UK4 to UK6)

RM29 (comes with baby tee!)

Bubbly Button

Is this a top or a mini dress?
Either way would do!
This bubbly piece is simple yet figure flattering.
Wonder why?

Because it comes with a ribbon!
We always fell in love with the sash that gives you an option
to tie a pretty bow either on the front or at the back.
Colours available: light brown(sold out), black(sold out), grey(sold out), dark brown(sold out).
Fits XS to M
(UK 4 to UK10)


Sales price: RM25

Silky Silk

We know we have posted this on the previous post.
*which has been removed*
Its mainly because we wanna show the clearer picture of this gorgeous dress!

This dress is very comfy and its made of good quality satin!
It gives you a softest touch of all.
You may remove the rose belt that comes along!
and it becomes a plain dress that is suitable for all occasions.
Whats important here is that its smocked back!

Comes in three colors:
Red (sold out), Gold(sold out) , Purple (sold out)
Fits S to L *highly stretchable*
UK6 to UK10

*including the rose belt shown in first picture only. Waist cincher in 2nd picture is not included*

Feathery Wings

A big U-neck that shows your neckline decently.
Its made with wrinkle resistance and stretchable material,
which we save the hassles of ironing.

You know what, the waist cincher comes along!
Colors available : Black (sold out), Brown(sold out)
Fits XS to M
(UK4 to UK10)


announcement: Pinafore vest - We will be getting them on hand about a week or two. Please stay tune =)