Saturday, 21 February 2009


Due to our hectic schedule (we are working >.<), we may have delays in replying emails and request, please bare with us.

If you wish to get the customised gift for particular occasion,
we'd need at least 1 week to 2 weeks to get it done, so do send in your orders in advance to avoid dissapointments!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Perfect gift for everyone!

Have a hard time figuring out what gift to be sent during a special occasion?
We have a perfect gift for all occasion!

Let it be birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary, friendship and many more!
We have loads of customised gifts to be chosen from eg: puzzles, mugs, pillows, ballon etc!

The hot item currently would be the customised jigsaw puzzles,
where you could place your own selected picture on the puzzles!
Price is affordable for everyone, trust us!

Everything here could be custom made

Puzzles(A5 size w/o frame) - RM20
For more details regarding puzzles design pls click here!

A5 size is measured at 17.2cm X 12.6cm, approx 40 pieces jigsaw puzzles
*you may request for assembled puzzles or disassembled puzzles*
CD - RM9

Ballon - RM 16.9

Mouse Pad - RM19.90

Mug (normal) - RM26.90 Mug (magic*) - RM42.90

* image will appear once you poured in hot water

sparkling juice with custom made label - RM22.90
label sticker only - RM12

Cushion - RM39.90

Polo Tee - RM42.90

Neck tie - RM30

Set A - 2 cushion + 1 ceramic tile with frame RM89.90

Set B - 2 balloon + 1 cushion RM59.90

Set C - 2 Puzzles (w/o frame) + 2 stickers + 2 photo card + 2 CD RM49.90
*you may request for assembled puzzles or disassembled puzzles*

Set D - 2 Mug (normal) + Label Wine RM62.90

Set E - Puzzles with frame + photo card RM28.90
*for customer that have already placed order for the RM28.90 puzzle, dont worry, this is the set that will be given out
*you may request for assembled puzzles or disassembled puzzles*

Set F - 1 male underwear + 1 female underwear RM47.90

If you wish to have more details regarding custom designs, pls click here!

Thursday, 5 February 2009


All the steps below applies for all the item!

Step to submit your order:
1. Select background.
(you may send us your own background, with an additional charge of RM3, in jpeg format)

2. Select template
Number of pictures are not limited to the template selected, you may add more pic or remove pic.
We will adjust the template (vertical/horizontal) according to your pictures.
001, 002, 003



3. Send us your picture.
4.Pay us

Voila! you will get your puzzle after 3 to 4 days :D
(depending on delivery method you choose)

More explanation:
After step 3, we will begin with the draft design and will be send to you for confirmation. No changes of picture shall be made. Then, proceed with payment to us and we will submit the draft to supplier for printing. Final product will be sent by supplier, hence Postage (borne by buyers) is the only delivery method.