Sunday, 31 August 2008

Hooded Cardigan

Fits XS to M
UK6 to UK10
Good quality cotton


5 pieces all sold

Basic Lotus

Fits UK6 to UK10
XS to M
Colors: Orange(sold out), Pink(sold out), Black(sold out), White(sold out)


Checkered Shirt

Fits XS to M
UK6 to UK10
Colors: Black(sold out), Blue(sold out), Purple(sold out), Red(sold out)


Available in last piece of Blue

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Denim Fever

Fits XS to M
UK 6 to UK 10
Colors: Yellow(sold out), Pink(sold out), Green
*comes with brown skinny belt*

Sales price -click HERE!!!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Triple Band Dress

Fits XS to small M
UK4 to UK8
*attached with tie-back sash*
Colors: Black(sold out), Purple(sold out),Turquoise, Pink
Length: 32"


Sales price - click HERE!!!

Trico Dress

Fits UK4 to UK8
XS to small M
*Inner pocket hidden at the side*

Colors: (top to bottom,first 3 pictures)
White(sold out), Yellow(sold out), Turquoise(sold out)
Length: 33"

Floral Tube

Fits XS to L
UK4 to UK10
*smocked back, sash detachable*

Colors: (top to bottom)Orange, Pink(sold out), Black(sold out)